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How does it work?


What will you receive and what to expect:

  • A full nutitional consultation and analysis of your current diet.
  • Identify any nutritional imbalances
  • Understand how these may be contributing to individual symptoms and health concerns
  • Address nutritional balance to support optimal health
  • Identify lifestyle habits to promote a healthy lifestyle
  • Individualised nutrition and lifestyle plans, recipes, tips and more …
  • Weekly check-ins for support accountability and motivation
  • Weekly support to help you achieve the health goals set out by you.


My pricing is as follows:

One Month Health Coaching €139.00

Two Months Health Coaching €198.00

Three Months Health Coaching €249.00

Six Months Health Coaching €449.00

Crazy Kitchen Cleanse €125.00

Booking on-line will soon be available in the interim please contact us directly.

For any questions or to discuss a particular requirement please do not hesitate to contact me.