Do you trust me?

In this day and age how do we know when we can trust someone?

I am a stranger, you don’t know me, why would you want to come to spend time and money on my retreat? What is in it for you?

Well everything really but until you trust me and build a relationship with me nothing will happen!


People often tell me I am passionate and yes this does help to ignite a desire in others but building a relationship is what will encourage you to come and visit me!

So how did I get started? …..Well, I started on facebook (even though I had resisted it for months) in fact, once I joined I loved it!

I live overseas so my family were all spread far away and I managed to reunite with cousins and friends and facebook brought us all together again.

My journey to better health started with juicing which changed my mind-set then moved on to a craving to eat healthy food.  I created one then another then another group and all of my facebook groups are successful! Here is my link to Crazyfoxykitchen…

I love the community of supporting people all aiming to improve their health through healthy eating and exercising but I was dubious about creating my own website.

What I found was that it was these people who were following me on facebook, who already trusted me, who followed me to my new website and this was a huge achievement for me.

I have just started the level 3 training with WA and I am enjoying it so much. If you too want to learn how to create your own website in just minutes check out my link and let yourself be guided like I am…