My passion for healthy meals started with a 30-day juice cleanse. I felt so good afterwards that I only wanted to put good fresh foods back into my body. This is where my journey to a healthier me started. After training in plant-based cooking, participating in workshops and reading all the books I could get my hands on, I decided to, train in Nutrition enjoying and learning every new day and Crazy Foxy Kitchen was created…

Our fun, creative, hands-on food preparation workshops are suitable for everyone no matter what your previous experience is. Come and learn how to use local, organic, wholefoods to create delicious lunches and discover superfoods to boost your energy levels.

Crazy Foxy Detox

Feeling tired, stressed, sluggish? It’s time to listen to your body…

At Crazy Foxy Detox discover my detox cleanses with local, organic, vegetable and fruit smoothies. Kick-start with a weekend cleanse and follow-up with a 3 or 5-day detox programme.  Your body will thank you and if you have never experienced a cleansing detox it is something that you will never forget!

Not only will you re-energise your body, but your skin will start glowing, you’ll feel lighter and have more energy to do the things you want to do! Your family and friends will start to notice your changes and you’ll feel on top of the world!

Once you start incorporating green smoothies into your regular diet you’ll wonder why you left it so long! Try it for yourself…


Crazy Foxy  Café

We can prepare you a delicious supper to delight your taste buds. In the Summer this would most likely be taken outdoors in the gardens or in the Winter in our veranda overlooking the Japanese gardens or maybe in our cosy dinning room with the glow of the chimney to warm you. As our guests the choice is yours.

We prefer local, organic, vegetarian options using plenty of vegetables, nuts, and seeds but we are versatile. Let us know in advance if you have any food preferences and we can adapt. In Summer we also propose a BBQ buffet. To complete your supper you will be offered local farmer’s cheese and wine from the surrounding vineyards.  A true taste of Provence!


Market Visit

  • Explore the local Provençal market
  • Taste fresh, organic produce and meet local producers.
  • Prepare delicious lunches with fresh seasonal ingredients.
  • Relax and enjoy your lunch with a glass of local wine.

Admire the colourful displays of seasonal fruits and vegetables of all sizes, spices, nuts, seeds, baskets and flowers galore.
What is really interesting are the small producers’ stalls. The fruit and vegetables are not as uniformly shaped and the variety not as great, but every ingredient we’ll find here is firmly rooted in the region and much of it is organic.

Depending on the season you might see organic lemons, strawberries, tomatoes ripened on the vine, peaches bursting with juice and of course the mix of salad leaves known as “mesclun” which no local meal would be complete without. Allow yourself to breath in the smells and get excited as you absorb the atmosphere of wonderful Provençal market life.

Gradually we will then make our way back to “Les Cades”, where you will be invited to play an active role in preparing lunch. Our well-designed country kitchen will delight you and inspire you! No experience is necessary, the atmosphere is relaxed and creativity is on the menu!

We will prepare a gorgeous lunch followed by a selection of local cheeses and something sweet to finish or a herbal tea. You may choose to sit in the  garden where we will toast our efforts with a glass of local wine. “Tchin Tchin” as the locals say not forgetting to look in the eye of your fellow guest…


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