Market visit

A guided tour and insight into the culture and cuisine of a typical French market village.


  • Explore the local Provençal market.

  • Taste fresh, organic produce and meet local producers.

  • Prepare delicious lunches with fresh seasonal ingredients and crazyfoxy know-how.

  • Relax and enjoy your lunch with a glass of local wine.

Leaving “Les Cades” at 9.00am while there is still a breeze, our short journey takes us to one of the many local markets surrounding Fox- Amphoux.

Admire the colourful displays of seasonal fruits and vegetables of all sizes,  spices, nuts, seeds, baskets and flowers galore.

Though the bigger stalls are the most dazzling thanks to their array of colours, what really interests us is the small producers’ stalls. The fruit and vegetables are not as uniformly shaped and the variety not as great, but every ingredient we’ll find here is firmly rooted in the region and much of it is organic.

Depending on the season you might see organic lemons, strawberries, tomatoes ripened on the vine, peaches bursting with juice and of course the mix of salad leaves known as “mesclun” which no local meal would be complete without. Breath in not only the smells but the excitement and atmosphere of wonderful Provençal market life.

Gradually we will then make our way back to “Les Cades”, where you will be invited to play an active role in preparing lunch. Our well-designed country kitchen will delight you and inspire you! No experience is necessary, the atmosphere is relaxed and creativity is on the menu!

We will prepare a gorgeous vegetarian lunch followed with a selection of local cheeses and something sweet to finish. You may choose to sit in the veranda or perhaps the garden where we will toast our efforts with a glass of local wine. “Tchin Tchin” as the locals say not forgetting to look in the eye of your fellow guest…


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